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2019-2020 BUDGET



     Suzonne Cowart is the CPA for the City of Central.  She has over fifteen years of professional experience and currently operates from her firm in Central, Suzonne V Cowart CPA LLC, which is a professional accounting, tax and consulting firm.  Her firm serves a range of clients from individuals to medium sized businesses.  Contact Suzonne Cowart for more information. 

Sales & use taxes for the City of Central are collected by East Baton Rouge Parish.  Additional information concerning sales & use tax may be found at or by calling 225-389-3084.

What are the sales tax rates for Central?

Rates Effective April 1, 2019

                         Local Rate       State Rate         Total

Regular                  6.00%          4.45%        10.45%

Food                     4.50%          0.00%           4.50%

Prescription Drugs    4.50%          0.00%           4.50%

What is the mailing address for sales and tax returns?

Sales Tax Section

Department of Finance - Revenue Division 

City of Baton Rouge

P.O. Box 2590 

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-2590

How are sales taxes distributed?

Sales taxes are distributed as follows for transactions occurring within the: 

City Limits of Central
Includes Central Community School Board 

City of Central 2.00% 
Central Community School District 2.50%
Parish Sewer Fund 0.50%
Street Improvement Fund 0.50% 
Parish MovEBR street tax 0.50%
State of LA 4.45%                                      Total sales tax:  10.45%

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