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Meet the IBTS Team: 

Meet our staff at IBTS.  They are excited to serve the citizens of Central.  Please call 225-262-5000 to speak with one of our friendly staff members about your needs

Matt Vaughn-Zyjewski

Matt Vaughn-Zyjewski Program Director

Michele LoBianco

Michele LoBianco Assistant Program Manager

Ray Louis

Ray Louis Public Works Director

David Ratcliff

David Ratcliff Director, Citizen Services

Debbie Mouton

Debbie Mouton Assistant City Clerk

Kathi Cowen

Kathi Cowen CFM/GIS Tech

Alan Dwyer

Alan Dwyer CBO/Code Enforcement Officer

Jack Gleason

Jack Gleason CBO, Building Official

Joseph Messina

Joseph Messina CBO, Building Inspector

Julie Lafferty

Julie Lafferty Permit Technician

Brandon Whitehead

Brandon Whitehead CFM/Floodplain Manager

Samantha Crochet

Samantha Crochet Public Works Administrative Assistant

Malena Gilmer

Malena Gilmer Code Enforcement / Permitting Technician

Dena Arnone

Dena Arnone Receptionist

Tara Landry

Tara Landry Administrative Assistant

Shannon Gooch

Shannon Gooch Staff Accountant

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