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New City Hall

Update:  Effective March 9, 2021, Senator Bodi White announced he is removing all state funding for the Central City Hall to a total of nearly $1.6 million dollars.

Since becoming a City, the Central Community has been working towards developing plans for a City Center and a new City Hall. The concept was born out of original planning of the people who founded the city. The City Center was designed to give Central an identity and a downtown area that defines location of the City of Central. The new City Hall will house the Mayor's Office and City Council meeting chambers. The City Hall will be the catalyst for the development of the City Center, and will serve to attract other government, business, and retail services. The hope is that this project will be a tremendous source of pride for all Central residents. 

To:  Members of the Public

From:  Mayor David Barrow

Date:  July 20, 2020

Re:  New City Hall Funding



I am pleased to announce that due to the gracious efforts of Senator Bodi White, we now have complete funding for the construction of a new city hall (Administrative Building) based upon construction estimates.    The estimated cost of a proposed building of between 4,800 to 5,000 sq. ft. for the Mayor’s office and council chambers is $1.5 million.


During the 2020 legislative session, Senator White was able to obtain additional state funding for the proposed administrative building construction with a total of nearly $1.6 million.  There is also an additional $250,000 dedicated for parking lot construction.    Approximately $849,000 in P1 funding went before the Bond Commission on July 16 which will free up that money for our use.   Senator White also obtained an additional $650,700 in non-recurring (surplus) revenue funds.  With additional funding from previous years minus previous expenses, the total comes out to nearly $1.6 million in state funding that is available for construction costs.


Our architect is putting the finishing touches on sample illustrations for the three proposed site selections which we will display on our website,, as well as make available for viewing at the next two council meetings in July and August.  It is my hope that we can select a property soon thereafter as part of our City Center, followed by purchasing the property, and then begin designing a building based upon the chosen property.   

Three properties are under consideration for City Hall as part of a City Center.  City Center involves other government services, shopping, and businesses being located adjacent to City Hall.  The three properties under consideration are:   
1)  Newell Whitney Property at 13421 Hooper Rd.  This area includes 4.5 acres of land (parking lot and woods) adjacent to where the current City Hall is located.  This property can have cross access to the Lancaster shopping center to the east.
2)  Burns Property. This property is located on Joor Rd just south of Winn Dixie (between Winn Dixie and Morgan Place subdivision) and can include up to 26 acres of land.
3)  Old CMS School Board property at the corner of Sullivan & Hooper. This property can include nearly 3 acres of land between Sullivan Rd and the football field.
As of now, only Building 1 (City Hall) is being proposed.  Other buildings for City Services could be constructed in the future as funding becomes available.  Options for building locations are shown below.
2020_07-20 City Hall Site Selection (1)_
2020_07-20 City Hall Site Selection (1)_
2020_07-20 City Hall Site Selection (1)_
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