Since becoming a City, the Central Community has been working towards developing plans for a City Center and a new City Hall. The concept was born out of original planning of the people who founded the city, in order to determine the best path forward during the city's infancy. The City Center was designed to give Central an identity and a downtown area that defines location of the City of Central. The new City Hall will house all City Hall and City Services employees. It will include a Council Chambers that will be used for all public committees and the School Board. It will also include a multipurpose room that can be used by citizens and businesses. The grounds will boast an outdoor gathering area and classic architecture. The City Hall will be the catalyst for the development of the City Center, and will serve to attract other government, business, and retail services. The hope is that this project will be a tremendous source of pride for all Central residents. 

July 24th Council Meeting with City Hall Presentation


July 11, 2005 - City Incorporation
April 18, 2007 - SDAT Plan for City was created.  
  • “Locate City Hall downtown and make downtown the center of government and civic life. Other

    civic improvements (e.g., a new post office, veterans’ monuments, small urban park, arts complex, senior or youth centers) also should be located downtown.

  • Click here to view document. 

2007 Initial City Hall Capital  Outlay Request to State

2010 Master Plan, No. 6 Economic Development Recommendation - "establish a town center"

2012 Resiliency Plan Established Implementation tools and design standards for City Center

2012 State Capital Outlay Request HB@ ($1,915,000) under Mayor Watts

August 25, 2015 - Public Hearing for a resolution to authorize the Mayor to enter into negotiations with the Central Commungity School System for the purchase of land at the corner of Hooper Rd and Sullivan Rd for a site to locate the City Hall


October 13, 2015 Public Hearing for a Resolution to authorize the Mayor of the City of Central to advertise a request for qualifications for architectural design services and related consulting services for the design of a City Hall/Administration Building and to provide for related matters

January 12, 2016 Public Hearing - Agenda shows selection of an architect for City Hall but the item was deferred

January 26, 2016 Public Hearing -  Selection of the architect

February 26, 2016 Council Meeting - Mayor Shelton announced that the contract for City Hall is at the State Level

March 22, 2016 Council Meeting - Mayor Shelton announced that the contract with the architect was signed the day before

May 24, 2016 Public Hearing - Ordinance approved for funds for the architect fees

May 2016 - Master Plan for City Center/ School Board Property completed. Click here to view.

June 10, 2016 Public meeting agenda for the 6/14/16 viewing of City Hall plans was emailed to Central Speaks and Central City News, emailed to council, and placed on the City of Central Website

June 14, 2016 Public Hearing - Mayor Shelton announced during the 6/14/16 council meeting, "immediately after tonight's council meeting there will be a 10 minute break, then there will be a public meting, and viewing of the proposed plans for the new City Hall. Comments at the meeting are welcomed or you may view and drop of comments at City Hall" 

June 15, 2016  Public Notice was posted on website and social media that renderings for City Hall Project were available a the current city hall or view and comments. 

August 11, 2016 - City Hall renderings and video were shown at the joint school board/ city council meeting. 

October 25, 2016 - Public Hearing - Amend fiscal year budget related to the City Hall building

August 8, 2017  Council Meeting - Mayor asked council if any objections to begin working with School Board for the plans for City Hall which were previously put on hold

October 24, 2017 Council Meeting - Mayor announced that the architect is working on blue prints for City Hall and gave an update on the status

November 14, 2017 Council Meeting - Mayor gave update on City Hall plans that are ready for citizens to view. 

December 12, 2017 Public Hearing - Ordinance approved to appropriate funds for architect fees 

January 23, 2018 Council Meeting - Mayor gave update on City Hall project

March 27, 2018 Public Hearing - Ordinance to approve fees for the architect

March 27, 2018 Council Meeting- Mayor gave an update on the proposed property for City Hall 

April 24, 2018 Public Hearing - Mayor given permission to buy the Central School System Property

April 30, 2018 School Board Meeting - Mayor and School Board sign the letter of intent to sell the property. 

May 24, 2018  Planing and Zoning Approved the Subdivision Request for School Board Property. 

June 26, 218 Public Hearing - Ordinance to approve fees for architect. 

June 2018 Planning and Zoning Approved the Conditional Use Permit

July 27, 2018 Public Hearing - Conditional Use Permit granted for 11550 Sullivan Rd Zoning

November 9, 2018:  After elections, school board voted to buy property back, therefore cancelling plans for a city hall.

September 25, 2019:  Mayor issues a new request for property selection


The City of Central incorporated on July 11,  2005.  The City of Central has a population of approximately 28,000.   



13421 Hooper Road, Suite 8

Central, LA 70818



6703 Sullivan Road

Central, LA 70739




13505 Hooper Rd

Central, LA 70818


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