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Rumor: The Master Plan is Law.

Fact: The Master Plan is not law, it is a recommended plan for developing the city.  It is a living document that should be updated approximately every five to six years, which Central is currently in the process of doing. The Zoning Code is our guiding ordinances for development with the Master Plan being consulted to ensure that our vision of the city is completed.


Rumor: Central conducted a full drainage study at the cost of $300,000. 

Fact: While drainage issues have been studied as part of the Master Plan process, there has not been a full drainage study conducted by the City of Central.  Some have mistaken the resiliency plan as a drainage study. 


Rumor: Why did Central not have a pre-disaster debris removal contract in place in 2016? 

Fact: Having a pre-disaster debris removal contract in place is an option, not a requirement.



If you hear rumors in the community that you believe should be corrected, please contact us.  We are happy to provide clarification and dispel any misinformation. 

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