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UPDATE: Mayor working on immediate action plan to clean ditches, more information coming soon

Mayor Shelton cancelled his Tuesday trip to Washington D.C. - where he was scheduled to testify regarding the August flood and FEMA - in order to put together an immediate action plan to clean the ditches, culverts and drainage canals.

Prior to the August flood, the city has been working under the IBTS contract to address drainage issues within the city. This effort increased after the August flood.

Because of the April 2 rain event, the mayor is moving full speed ahead into a new plan to provide additional efforts to address immediate drainage concerns.

The city is working on an immediate action plan which will combine the $4.7M drainage fund and the $2.6M emergency services fund in effort to clear the ditches and culverts. This plan will be in addition to the long term drainage plan the city council recently approved for RFQ.

"I'm trying to get money and people here, right away," Shelton said.

Additionally, CSRS, the grant management program has worked throughout the city over the past weeks making assessments to get the necessary money from FEMA to allocate to address drainage issues.

The mayor has begun working with firms to complete a plan and ascertain that the city is in compliance with state statutes.

More information will be relayed late this afternoon or Tuesday morning. Check back for updates.

Call 225-262-5000 if you have questions or concerns. Mayor Shelton is attempting to answer every call and email possible.

The city appreciates your patience.

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