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Oak Point celebrates ribbon cutting, announces truck giveaway

Oak Point Fresh Market celebrated renovations on Thursday at noon with the Central Chamber of Commerce and a crowd of Central residents. The Sumich family - Oak Point owner - has worked to remodel the entire shopping center since April 2016.

The renovations included an outdoor pavilion for shoppers to enjoy meals and enhance the walkability of the outdoor space.

"I couldn't be more blessed to live in a community where they really care about you," John Sumich said.

"Everybody here care about their customers. They're going to bring in better business," Mayor Shelton said.

Sumich also announced the "Oak Point Fresh Market Love Where You Live Giveaway" in which shoppers leave a signed receipt with the store for a chance to win a 2017 Toyota Tundra truck.

Oak Point will draw one winner from the pool of receipts each month for six months. That winner will receive a key and $500 to donate to the school of church of their choice.

Each winner will return to Oak Point on October 7, 2017, receive a $200 Oak Point gift card and choose one of 6 keys that could start the truck.

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