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The City Council may allocate $4 million on Friday to begin cleaning ditches, culverts and drainage

The City Council introduced an ordinance on Tuesday night during the Special Council Meeting to amend the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Emergency Services, Drainage, & Local Road Improvement & maintenance Fund Budget, General Fund Budget and Capital Outlay Budget to appropriate funds for the cleaning of off-road drainage within the City of Central and to provide for related matters.

“This work is beyond the scope of what IBTS [municipal services] can do and can do efficiently,” Shelton said.

Mayor Shelton announced on April 3 an immediate action plan to clean the ditches, culverts and drainage canals in response to the April 2 rain event.

Since then, Shelton has met with approximately 8 contractors. Bids are expected back from each contractor by the end of the week.

Mayor Shelton hopes to choose a contractor over the weekend that may begin work immediately.

The City Council will vote on this ordinance on Friday, April 14 at 5 p.m. during the Special City City Council Meeting at Central City Hall.

“It is Good Friday, but that just speaks to the urgency of what we are doing,” Shelton said.

If the council passes the ordinance on Friday, the contractor will not do any construction work. The intent is to cut down problematic trees and reduce vegetation and remove silt in off-road ditches.

"We are intending to work on immediate choke points to get the most out of cleaning the ditches," Shelton said.

Additionally, the City has been reimbursed the full 90% [4.8 million dollars] from FEMA for debris removal.

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