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Environmental Reviews, Applications Begin in Homeowner Assistance Program

At its meeting on Friday, May 12 at the state Capitol, the Restore Louisiana Task Force received updates on substantial progress being made in the ongoing flood recovery efforts for homeowners, renters and small businesses impacted by the March and August 2016 floods.

More than 1,800 environmental reviews have been completed on homes for homeowners in Phase 1 of the Restore La. Homeowner Assistance Program, clearing the way for the application phase to begin. Program managers expect all Phase 1 damage estimates will be completed in June and that all environmental reviews will be completed this month for homeowners in the second tier of Phase 2. Read more about phases and tiers ​here.​

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Office of Community Development once again appealed for all homeowners with flood-damaged homes to complete a brief ​survey​, regardless of whether they believe they will qualify for assistance. The survey provides valuable information about ongoing needs as the recovery continues and helps the state demonstrate additional needs to Congress. While 19,500 flood-impacted homeowners have taken the survey, OCD hopes to reach 86,000.

A series of ​outreach events​ begins on May 16 in the areas hardest hit by the floods. Program staff members will be available to answer questions and help homeowners complete the survey.

With the ​small business assistance program​, five organizations have been chosen to administer interest-free loans of up to $50,000 for qualified local businesses impacted by the 2016 floods. Applications will be available on May 26.

The state also will begin a ​series of seminars​ next week with landlords and developers interested in the ​Neighborhood Landlord Rental Program​ or ​Multifamily Restoration Gap Program,​ applications for which begin May 15. ​Registration​ is required for the free seminars scheduled for Baton Rouge, Hammond, Lafayette and Richwood in the Monroe area. The Restore website also has more information on the ​Permanent Supportive Housing​ and ​Rapid Rehousing​ programs.

In the meantime, all flood-impacted residents are encouraged to ​sign up for email updates​ through the Restore website. This is the fastest way to find out about the latest developments regarding flood recovery.

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