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August 8, 2017 City Council Report

At their August 8 meeting, the city council unanimously approved a six-month extension of an ordinance that waived Section 16.2 H.6. of the Comprehensive Zoning Code for people affected by the August 2016 flood, and allows them to live inside recreational vehicles.

That section prohibited recreational vehicles for being "used for living, sleeping, or housekeeping purposes in any zoning district, unless within a regulated recreational vehicle park" and from being parked "in the first 30 feet of the front yard driveway of a residential district."

People living in recreational vehicles must provide proof of damage to their home in the form of an insurance or FEMA claim in order to get the waiver.

The council also unanimously approved a resolution in support of roadway improvements that are on the list of the Capital Region Planning Commission's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for possible funding in the next five years.

The resolution was unanimously added to the agenda by the council at the meeting, and supports applications for Thibodeaux road, Joor Road at Sullivan Road intersection, Thibodeaux Road at Morgan Road intersection, and Greenwell Springs Road at Morgan Road intersection to the MPO program for funding.

If selected by MPO the council resolution also commits to providing funding for environmental and engineering fees as well as 20-percent of construction and utility relocation costs.

If you'd like to read that resolution in full, click here.

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