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Progress Update on Drainage Work

The City of Central received an official update this morning on the drainage work being completed. Now that the work is fully underway, a reporting system is in place and we expect to have progress updates to post each Monday.

The Army Corps of Engineers requested that the contracted work be broken down and submitted to them for approval in a total of 9 work packages.

Since work began on 8/1/2017, Work Package #1 ( Saunders Bayou near Greenwell Springs Port Hudson Rd and Blackwater Rd) has been completed. This work package included approximately 10,900 linear feet and 23 known debris sites. The 23 known sites have been removed, as well as debris being encountered between sites. A total of Friday (8/11/17), a total of 32.4 tons has been removed.

Work began over the weekend on Work Package #2. We will have an updated report on Monday for work package #2.

Below are a few before and after photos:

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