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Progress Update on Drainage Work


Note: The Army Corps of Engineers requested that the contracted work be broken down and submitted to them for approval in a total of 9 work packages.

LGS has continued to work on Work Package #2. This includes an area in the southern portion of the city, covering Draughan Creek from Greenwell Springs Road (south) to just south of Chervil Drive and 17 known debris sites. LGS is also encountering and removing debris between sites.

As of Friday (8/25/17) All 17 of the 17 known sites have been removed, as well as debris being encountered between sites. A total of 18,090 linear feet has been covered and a total of 147.1 tons of debris has been removed.

Work stopped after 8/26 to allow for the passage of weather related to Hurricane Harvey. As soon as the weather permits, work will begin on Work packages #3 and #6 (Beaver Creek).

Below are some before and after photos from the work completed this week:

IBTS has also continued to work on drainage through out the City. Over the last week they have worked in the following areas:

Roadside ditches in Monhegan Subdivision.

Roadside ditches on Roundsaville.

Offroad drainage in Bridlewood.

Main drainage ditch on Hooper Rd between Amber Lakes Subdivision and Beaver Bayou.

Removed a fallen tree in the ditch at Blackwater and Dyer Rd.

Removed a blockage on Stoneshire.

IBTS crews are out monitoring the drainage in the City during Tropical Storm Harvey. They are assessing and addressing any problems that arise.

To report a drainage issue, please call 225-262-5000.

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