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Progress Update on Drainage Work


Note: The Army Corps of Engineers requested that the contracted work be broken down and submitted to them for approval in a total of 9 work packages.

Work on the following areas has been completed by LGS:

Work Package # 1 - Saunders Bayou near Greenwell Springs Port Hudson and Blackwater Roads (northern portion of City). Includes 23 known sites.

Work Package # 2 – Draughan Creek from Greenwell Springs Road south to just south of Chervil Drive (southern portion of City). Includes 17 known sites.

Work stopped after 8/26 to allow for the passage of weather related to Hurricane Harvey. Work resumed on 9/5/17 on work packages #3 and #6 (Beaver Bayou).

As of Friday (9/8/17)

- 11 of the known sites were removed since work resumed.

- Debris is also being encountered between sites.

- 53 of the 219 known sites (total for all work packages) have been removed.

- 166 remaining known sites

- 228.2 Tons of debris have been removed to date

- 28,690 linear feet of channels have been cleaned to date.

Below are some before and after photos from the work completed this week:

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