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Progress Update on Drainage Work

Week Ending: 12/08/17

Areas Completed:

Work Package # 1 - Saunders Bayou from northern city limit south to Gentry Lane (private drive)

Work Package # 2 – Draughan Creek from southern city limit north to Greenwell Springs Road

Work Package # 3 – Beaver Bayou from southern city limit north to Wax Road

Work Package # 4 – Shoe Creek and un-named canals and drains from Bryce Canyon Drive north to Hooper Road

Work Package # 5 – Draughan Creek from Droze Road north to Fir Avenue and an un-named tributary starting at the intersection of Wax Road and Greenwell Springs Road north to Lawnside Avenue

Work Package #6- Beaver Bayou from Wax Road north to approximately 3,000 feet north of Hooper Road and an un-named canal/drain near Paint Avenue.

Areas Currently Working:

Work packages #7 (Hubb Bayou), 8 (Blackwater Bayou), & 9 (tributary to Blackwater Bayou)


  • Total sites Originally identified = 219

  • Number of known sites removed this week = 3

  • Number of known sites removed to date = 182

  • Number of known sites remaining = 37

  • Debris is also being removed as encountered between sites.

  • Total tonnage of debris removed to date = 1,145

  • Estimated linear footage of channels cleaned to date = 105,910

Other General Observations:

  • Work began on Tuesday, 8/1/17.

  • Work was stopped from 8/27 through 9/4 due to Hurricane Harvey.

  • Work was stopped from 12/6 through 12/9 due to rain/snow.

  • Permit application for the work to be performed within the Section 10 limits on the south end of work package # 2 was submitted to the USACE on 10/24/17

Here are a few before and after pictures:

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