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BREC To Temporarily Open Central Sports Park for Baseball and Softball Rentals

Beginning Feb. 5th BREC will be allowing, on a temporary basis, light rentals at Central Sports Complex for baseball, softball and T-ball. We will start taking reservations and payments on Friday February 2nd at Jackson Park Recreation Center. These rentals will continue until the lights at Lovett. Rd. Park are fixed or March 9th, whichever occurs first. Listed below are the basic rental procedures.

Procedures for Rentals at Central Sports Park

  • All rentals will be paid and scheduled through Jackson Park Recreation Center Office (225) 261-2161


  • Rentals are for Monday through Friday only.

  • Only fields 1-7 will be rented. The multi-purpose fields are not rentable.

  • Rentals start at 5 pm and rent on the hour with the last rental starting at 8pm.

  • Fees will be $20 per hour

  • No Key deposit due to BREC Staff being on site

  • BREC representative will be on site to make sure all procedures are handled correctly

  • Renter must have copy of rental contract with them to show BREC staff

  • BREC will rent until March 9, 2018, so that fields can be prepped for CAYL league play

  • All teams must have proper paperwork to use the designated field

  • Once rental time is finished, teams must vacate the field

  • No rental transactions will be handled at Central Sports Park

  • Rainouts will be determined by BREC maintenance staff. Procedures for rescheduling are on contract form

The following distances are available for the fields at Central Sports during night rentals until Lovett lights are back up and running.

Field # Base Distance in Feet

1 65 2 85 3 60 4 65 5 65 6 70 7 60

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