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August 2021 Permit Report

To: Members of the Public

From: Mayor David Barrow

Date: September 10, 2021

Re: August 2021 Building Permit Report

Central, LA – In the month August 2021, there were 54 building permits issued in the city. This includes the following:

· Three new homes in Bellingrath Estates 4th filing with an average valuation of $270,821.

· Two new homes in Arbor Grove with an average valuation of $282,362.

· Fourteen new homes in Settlement at Shoe Creek with an average valuation of $168,386.

· Three new homes in Cypress Lakes valued at $212,416

· New home at 24395 Greenwell Springs Rd valued at $294,062.

· New home at 11825 CC Lake Ln valued at $349,436.

· New home at 11247 Blackwater Rd valued at $262,362.

· New home at 11614 Blackwater Rd valued at$222,626.

· One new home in Central Gardens valued at $241,740.

· One new home in Hampton Village valued at $395,288

· New home at 6419 Morgan Rd valued at $901,320.

· Commercial addition to Central High School of 198,000 square feet

Additional permits include one commercial concrete expansion, three commercial remodeling, two residential additions, one residential solar panels, seven residential detached buildings, five fences over 6 feet, one manufactured home, one residential remodeling, and three swimming pools.

Total permit valuation for the month of August 2021 was $7,471,632. Valuations are set for building permit and tax assessor’s reasons and may not actually reflect the actual value of the structure after construction is complete. A complete, detailed permit report can be found on the city website at under the “Reports” tab.

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