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Debris Pickup 2nd Pass Update 11/2/21

Debris pickup notice: On Tuesday, November 2, debris removal crews will begin making a final pass down each street again to pick up debris placed out after the first pass or debris not picked up on the first pass. Crews worked this past weekend and Monday finishing up the first pass.

If you have tree debris from the hurricane, make sure it is by the street by Monday, Nov 1. Once crews clear a street, that street will be considered completed and property owners will be responsible for disposal of their debris if not placed out in time. Construction and fence material will be picked up last on the final pass. YOUR DEBRIS MUST BE SEPARATED. MIXED PILES MAY NOT BE PICKED UP. Tree debris cut down by a tree service or contractor shall be the responsibility of the tree service to remove.

There is no need to call to report your debris. Crews and monitors will pass down each street again.

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