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Debris Removal from Hurricane Ida

The City of Central is activating its emergency debris contractor program in response to damages inflicted by Hurricane Ida starting Tuesday, September 7.

Once operations begin, debris removal crews will begin collecting storm debris from all residential locations in the City. Residents do not need to contact the City once their debris is placed curbside. We will have crews deployed to assess debris removal needs daily and expect the collection process to take up to 12 weeks. We will make a second pass once the first pass is entirely completed.

Storm debris must be placed curbside in the public right of way, or the area of property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole, or easement. Only loose debris will be collected and must be placed at least four feet from any nearby mailboxes, water meters, fire hydrants, or other above-ground utility. City officials are strongly urging residents to organize their storm debris into piles to support an efficient collection process.

The City will not pick up debris on state highways or parish roadways. Those are the responsibility of DOTD and the City-Parish.

Residents should organize storm debris into piles based on the attached diagram and separated from regular garbage and trash piles, which will be collected as part of the City-Parish’s regular garbage and recycling collection services. Republic Services has resumed daily collection services today. Separate your tree debris from other garbage. Mixed piles will not be picked up.

Contractors hired by residents for storm debris removal, or renovations due to storm-related damages, must remove any storm debris from the premises. City officials are urging residents to only hire licensed contractors and include the removal of any resulting storm debris in their contract. To check a contractor’s license number or other information, visit

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