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Drainage Pipe Inspection and Cleaning CityWide Project


Central, LA – The City of Central has signed an agreement with Compliance Envirosystems, LLC (CES) to perform storm drain inspections, documentation, evaluation, and line cleaning services for all underground drainage systems throughout the city of Central. This means that all subsurface drainage pipes throughout the city will be evaluated using a zoom camera pipe assessment and all data will be placed in a GPS data system for future reference. When this project is completed, we will have a GIS mapping system of all catch basins and drainage structures throughout the city.

You will be seeing CES in your neighborhoods and along streets throughout the city over the next year inspecting all drainage structures and underground drainage pipes along public rights-of-way and servitudes for deficiencies or clogs caused by debris. All catch basins and pipes will be illuminated and high-resolution video of each structure will be obtained showing the condition of the structure interior, the pipelines connecting to the structure as well as the general condition in the area surrounding the structure. Any clogs or obstructions in pipes will be shown and reported.

Following the inspection phase, CES will perform standard line cleaning of all necessary underground pipes to remove foreign materials and restore pipe capacity to at least 95%. Standard cleaning shall be defined as three complete passes of the storm drain line with the cleaning equipment. All sludge, dirt, sand, rocks, grease, and other solid or semi-solid materials resulting from the cleaning operation shall be removed at the downstream structure of the section being cleaned.

This is a massive undertaking and represents a commitment by the City of Central to improve drainage throughout our city. The City previously partnered with CES in the cleaning of underground drainage pipes in Jackson Park subdivision last year, and the City will now expand this service citywide. Work begins on August 23, 2021.

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