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Hurricane Ida Debris Pickup 10/25/21

As of 10/24/2021, debris contractors have picked up over 40,000 cubic yards. Last week, the original crew was replaced with a new crew, and the new crew has made considerable progress over the last week in the northern part of the city. It is anticipated that the first round will be completed within three weeks, and a second pass will begin in areas previously serviced. Our monitoring firm is riding every street in the city verifying locations for the second pass. There is no need to call to report your individual piles.

Crews are finishing up in Watson Farms and Country Estates. They will then move to Northwoods and Boganvilla, followed by the neighborhoods along Wax Rd/Magnolia Bridge Rd, Monhegan, some single street subdivisions, major collector roads such as Lovett, Gurney, Core and the Frenchtown Area. Any residents who still have debris to be moved to the street need to do so now. Fence materials and construction & demolition materials will be picked as part of the second pass, as these materials go to a different landfill. Please separate your debris into woody waste, fence posts, construction piles. Mixed piles will not be serviced.

Also, we are having problems with tree contractors (most of which are not from this area) cutting down large trees from properties and placing them at the street for pickup. Contractors are responsible for removing the tree debris they cut down. Also, some of the trees they are cutting are not related to the storm, but they are telling residents that the debris contractor will pick them up anyway. If you have a contractor/tree service cut down a tree, the contractor/tree service is responsible for removing the tree from your property.

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