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October 2021 Permit Report

To: Members of the Public

From: Mayor David Barrow

Date: November 12, 2021

Re: October 2021 Building Permit Report

Central, LA – In the month October 2021, there were 41 building permits issued in the city. This includes the following:

· Three new homes in Bellingrath Estates 4th filing with an average valuation of $232,504.

· Three new homes in Cypress Lakes with an average valuation of $231,529.

· Five new homes in Village at Magnolia Square with an average valuation of $269,409.

· New home at 15148 Brown Rd valued at $285,398.

· New home at 14094 Lovett Rd at $410,808.

· New home at 20413 Greenwell Springs Rd valued at $272,246.

Additional permits include two commercial remodel, one commercial modular building, two residential additions, one building relocation, one residential demolition, twelve residential detached buildings, five fences over 6 feet, one residential manufactured home, two swimming pools.

Total permit valuation for the month of October 2021 was $6,112,526. Valuations are set for building permit and tax assessor’s reasons and may not actually reflect the actual value of the structure after construction is complete. A complete, detailed permit report can be found on the city website at under the “Reports” tab.

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