Mayor Wade Evans

Mayor Wade Evans

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Mayor Wade Evans is a dedicated public servant who has been tirelessly working to uplift the City of Central, Louisiana. Born and raised in the city, Mayor Evans possesses a deep understanding of its needs and aspirations. With a strong commitment to public service, he has dedicated his life to improving the lives of Central's residents.

From an early age, Mayor Evans demonstrated a passion for problem solving. His genuine concern for the welfare of others and the long-term sustainability and success of Central propelled him to pursue a run for the city council in 2018. Mayor Evans embarked on his journey by serving on the City Council, where he quickly gained recognition for his ability to bring people together and find common ground. His approachable demeanor, communication skills, and leadership qualities earned him the trust and respect of his fellow council members and constituents.

Driven by a love of God and vision of a vibrant and inclusive city, Mayor Evans successfully ran for the mayoral position, propelled by his strong track record and unwavering dedication to the community. In office, he has focused on key issues such as road repairs and replacement, intentional drainage maintenance, economic development, public safety, and environmental sustainability.

Under Mayor Evans' leadership, Central has experienced significant advancements in how citizens interact with their government. He and his team have implemented a proactive approach to service delivery to the taxpayers. He has also prioritized public safety, implementing comprehensive initiatives to enhance the city's pavement management. By actively collaborating with our parish and state partners, his initiatives are starting to produce results in the delivery of services.

Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, Mayor Evans has championed sustainable practices and initiatives. He is actively working to address development concerns by encouraging good planning within our fragile watersheds. By implementing a robust litter abatement plan, he is helping to ensure that Central remains a clean and environmentally conscious city for generations to come.

Through his short tenure, Mayor Wade Evans has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the people of Central, Louisiana. His unwavering commitment to public service, coupled with his visionary leadership, has made a profound impact on the community. Mayor Evans continues to work tirelessly, striving to build a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future for Central and its residents.

He is married to his high school sweetheart and has three children.