Floodplain Management

The City of Central's floodplain management office works with citizens each day to know their flood risks. Some of our services include: 

Identifying Your Property's Flood Risk And Flood Zone - Click Here For Floodplain Map

If you're purchasing a new home or business,  or purchasing flood insurance for your home or business, we can help you identify where your property is located within the flood zone maps. 

Applying For Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

If you have a current Elevation Certificate in hand that indicates that the property is not actually at risk because the elevation data indicates the structure was properly ‘floodproofed’ during design and construction, then you likely meet the minimum qualifications to request removal of the property or structure from the floodplain through the Letter of Map Change process.​

FEMA allows all property owners, except those placed in AO flood zones, to submit a Letter of Map Change request for issuance of a LOMA or LOMR or LOMR-F depending upon the individual circumstances of your situation.  This can result in the reduction of your flood insurance rates, or the removal of the requirement for flood insurance on the structure. 

Provide Elevation Certificate For Structures Built After 2008

The floodplain management office should have a record of your flood elevation certificate if construction of your structure was completed after 2008. Here is a list of properties that have an Elevation Certificate on file.


The City of Central is proud to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). We also participate in the Community Rating System (CRS) to help flood insurance policy holders receive discounts on their flood insurance premiums. 

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