Requests for Department of Public Works (DPW) services, within the city limits of the City of Central, can be made by calling 225.262.5000 or by submitting a request through our app. Typical DPW requests are maintenance of ditches, canals, creeks, drains, culverts, catch basins, sinkholes (drainage related), potholes, bridges, sidewalks (repaired only if damaged by City-Parish work/workers), streets, shoulders, curbs, trees in right-of-way, blind corners, neutral grounds, and traffic signs on City-Parish right-of-way.

The Parish of East Baton Rouge still provides maintenance services to the City of Central for all sewer, garbage, and trash matters.

All matters along state highways are handled by DOTD.

Utility (electric, gas, water, cable, etc.) requests will be directed to the appropriate utility service provider.

Requests for action by Public Safety should be directed to the Sheriff's Department at 225.389.5000.

Recycling and Garbage Can Info

Garbage/Trash-related matters should be reported to East Baton Rouge Parish garbage/trash collection by calling the Citizen's Service hotline "311" from a landline phone or 225.389.3000.

The Baton Rouge Recycling Office has information about curbside recycling, as well as information on what items can be recycled in your recycling cart, hazardous household materials collection/drop-off locations. This information can be found at brgov.com

Remember: Never place used or leftover paint in your garbage cans.