THE CITY OF CENTRAL owns and maintains all the on-street drainage (ditches and culverts) along the roadway. The City is also responsible for maintaining all off-road drainage, including the major canals, within the City of Central Boundaries.

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH is responsible for the drainage along parish highways. 

  • Central Thruway

  • Joor Road (north of Hooper Road to LA 44)

  • Sullivan Road (Greenwell Springs to Wax Road)

  • Sullivan Road (Hooper to Joor Road)

  • Comite Drive

  • Dyer Road

LOUISIANA Department of Transportation & Development (DOTD) owns and maintains all drainage along state highways. 

  • Hooper Road  (LA 408)

  • Wax Road/Magnolia Bridge Road (LA 3034)

  • Sullivan Road ( Wax Road to Hooper Road) (LA 3034)

  • Joor Road (LA 946) to Comite River

  • Blackwater Road  (LA 410)

  • Liberty Road (LA 409)

  • Greenwell Springs Road (LA 37)

  • Greenwell Springs - Port Hudson Road (LA 64)

PROPERTY OWNER - If private property does not have a dedicated drainage servitude, the property owner IS RESPONSIBLE for maintaining the drainage way. However, the property owner can provide written consent and sign a hold harmless agreement for the City to maintain it. This can only be done if the drainage way affects more than the property itself. 

Also, property owners are responsible for keeping ditches adjacent to their properties clear of all grass, debris, and leaves. *See City ordinance 12:6 listed below. 

HMGP & State Funding

The City of Central is expected to receive 13.8 million dollars of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding that will be funneled through East Baton Rouge Parish. The City must submit applications with proposed projects to the State, and FEMA must approve to receive funding. The projects must meet certain restrictions and requirements and require a local match. On the priority list for the application are projects such as improvements to Beaver Bayou and Blackwater Bayou and the replacement of every culvert and cross-drain within the City that has been identified as being undersized.

Additionally, the State Department of Transportation and Development has potentially 10 million dollars available for the City to use towards drainage improvement projects.

City officials are diligently and expeditiously working with all government agencies necessary to secure the available funding.